TOP 10 of the best free apps to follow the news

Staying informed about news and other news is a big problem for many people. At the time, people were reading the newspapers and listening to the newsletters to stay informed, but these days we have our smartphones that offer us all the news and updates in one place. There are tons of news applications available on Google Play and most of them are good, but we have selected the best for you. Here are the best Android apps to track the news.

The best apps to follow the news:

Google News

Google News is the best application for tracking news. It is also pre-installed on most Android smartphones and it is possible that this application is already installed on your mobile. Google News is an intelligent news application that offers the latest news and updates on topics of interest to you. The best thing about Google is that it presents news from different publications and regularly tracks news you open and news you ignore. If you are looking for an intelligent news application, Google News is the best option for you.


Feedly is one of our favorite applications that allows you to put together all of your favorite YouTube publications, news sites and channels in one place. The best thing about Feedly is that if you install it, you will not have to visit each site individually and you will be able to get all the news and updates in Feedly. It also includes a very simple and intuitive user interface that makes it easier to use. You can use it for free, but it comes with integrated purchases.

AP Mobile

AP Mobile is one of the best applications for tracking news on Android. This is the official news application of the Associated Press, and it offers news from around the world. The best thing about this application is that you can add the topics that interest you and that the application will only display news and updates on topics that interest you. In addition, the user interface is well optimized and fast. AP Mobile is free, but it comes with advertisements.


Flipboard is one of the best and most reliable news applications for Android. It has existed for years and it is still at the top because of its excellent performance. In this application, you can get the most reliable news and updates from the world’s most reliable sources. The application is also delivered with Flipboard TV, which includes videos and other additional benefits. If you are looking for a full news application, Flipboard is one of the best options.


Inoreader is one of the best applications for tracking news on Android. Many enthusiasts around the world trust him because he offers access to news without any publicity. You can simply add your favorite news, publications, magazines and other news sources to the application and it will show you all the news in one place. In addition, it also includes a global search function that you can use to find the items in the Inoreader database.

Microsoft News

Microsoft News is one of the best news applications on Android. It presents news from journalists and the most reliable sources of information in the world. The application presents news from sources such as BBC News, NBC News, TODAY, The Wall Street Journal and others. You also have the choice to choose the topics and Microsoft News will provide the news on your interesting topics.

TOP 10 of the best free apps to follow the news
TOP 10 of the best free apps to follow the news

Yahoo News

Yahoo News is another very successful news application that works very similarly to Microsoft News in terms of functionality. Like Microsoft News, Yahoo News also presents the latest news from the most reliable sources around the world. He presents news from sources such as the New York Times, USA Today, AP, TIME, Fox News and others. It is also free, but it comes with advertisements.


SmartNews is an award-winning news application that provides access to the latest news on your smartphone. Over 40 million readers trust it in 100 countries around the world. In this application, you can get local news and the latest news. The application also includes an intelligent mode, a readability mode offering better experience in reading news. He also proposes the elections so that you can get live updates to the US elections.


Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms, but it is also one of the best news applications. It has millions of followers around the world and is also home to the various news channels, publications and magazines. You can follow the official handles of these sources of information to stay up to date with the latest news. You can also follow journalists to gain access to the latest news. Twitter also includes a page of trends that you can visit to find out about the city’s speech.


Most of us have a busy lifestyle and often we lack a lot of news, but with Pocket, you can just record the news and read it later. Pocket functionality is very simple, it acts as a resource where you can put items such as news, videos, tweets, etc. to read or watch later. The application also includes a discovery section where you can find the best content organized by Pocket curators and publishers. Pocket is also free, but with integrated purchases.


They are all people. These are the best Android applications to track the newsYou cannot go wrong with one of the above applications because they are all good and approved by millions of readers. Let us know your favorite news application in the comments section below. In addition, if you like sports, you can consult our guide on the best sports news applications for Android.

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