The PSG entered the e-sports. But for what specific purpose?

It is rare that Paris Saint-Germain receives the press in the private lounges of the Parc des Princes, to discuss something other than football. But this Thursday at the end of the day, the joysticks had replaced the balloons and the geeks, the stars of the collective of Unai Emery. All of them, media (including us in Sportune) and actors of the future team, were present for the launch of the PSG e-sports franchise. A first in France which offers new as much as enormous potential to the capital club. What a football club can hope to get from the virtual world ? Mainly visibility, a source of notoriety and business.

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PSG enters the field of e-sport to boost its notoriety and conquer new markets

“We always remember the same figures: 5 years ago we had 500,000 fans on social networks, today we have more than 35 million, said in the preamble, the club’s deputy managing director, Frédéric Longuépée, by insisting on the high proportion of followers outside French territory. Development abroad is an essential component of PSG. And the primary reason for the capital’s club’s investment in the virtual sports world.

The e-sport business is expected to reach $ 1 billion in 2019

The e-sport market is constantly growing. Estimated at $ 493 million in 2016, it is expected to approach $ 1 billion within three years, by 2019. 250 million fans follow or play e-sport worldwide, half of which are in Asia. Which is quite good, because this is precisely where the PSG wants to expand

A complementary generation, mainly based in Asia

It’s also, a population complementary to that of fans of the Francilian team, the “millennium” generation (25-40 years or so) “Which consumes differently from ours, who does not watch television in the same way as we do and who spends a lot of time on social networks ”, details Frédéric Longuépée.

– PSG eSports (@PSGeSports) October 20, 2016

To be successful, the PSG has surrounded itself with virtual sport cracks

To ensure success, in a field that is not its own, the club has partnered with Webedia, which notably manages the e-sports team, Millenium. He recruited, a double world champion from FIFA, the Danish Auguste Rosenmeier alias Agge and the French hope of discipline, Lucas Cuillerier (16) known as “DaXe”. And for the experience to (already) have an international scope, he has attached himself to the services of Bora Kim that the millions of players in the League of Legends know under the pseudonym of YellOwStaR .

Bora Kim alias YellOwStaR, 25 and first responsible for the PSG e-sports franchise

On Wednesday, the 25-year-old man announced the end of his professional playing career, provoking a huge wave of comments on social media. On Thursday, he was promoted by the PSG to the position of first manager of the e-sports franchise in the history of the club. The job is totally new for everyone, doped with a sacred challenge to be met but already very strong pressure on the shoulders of the actors of the franchise. As Nasser Al-Khelaïfi said in the gallery at the end of the conference, whatever his club does, the end is always the same: “You have to win”.

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