How to start a career in digital marketing?

How to start a career in digital marketing?

The ABC of skills to master in digital marketing

A – Analytical. In a world increasingly linked to data, it is important not only to record them, but also to understand them, and therefore to know how to control the success of your campaigns.

B – Branding. For many years, digital marketing specialists have been so focused on numbers and successes that many have forgotten the importance of the brand. Our customers need a brand that consumers and therefore Google recognize and trust instantly.

C – Certification. Certification in a range of activities will give employers and customers the confidence and certainty of what they are doing. We never overlook the importance of having a certificate that confirms what we have studied and what we can do.

D – Data. What is the data ? Data is all around us and, in digital marketing, it means that you need to know the consumers and the target audience in depth.

E – Commitment. With brand construction, this is the key word to encourage public-customer engagement. An example ? Mutual exchange between influenceers and brands.

F – Funnel. An funnel is a recurring word in the field of digital marketing. This is the journey you are undertaking with your audience from an indefinite mass until you reach the consensus of a group of consumers loyal to our brand.

G – Google. Google dominates everything we do in digital marketing, from referencing to analysis, engagement and channeling.

H – History. It is important to understand the story. It will help us to be informed about those around us and will give us an advantage in predicting future trends by learning from the past.

I – Influenceur. Influencers are users of social media who (often) have great followers and give a voice to what consumers in a specific sector think and do. Big brands are getting more and more intimate with them and there is a lot of room for growth if you can be innovative in this area.

J – Joy. In such a competitive area, the thirst for employment means that we must do everything to make the most of it now. Each job will help us build our portfolio, our skills, increase confidence in our resources and those around us, not to mention continuing education.

K- Key-word. Keyword. This area has radically changed over the years. To master SEO, content marketing, PPC and CPM, you have to be an expert in defining a keyword, when and how to use it and what it entails.

L- Landing page. The home page. User experience is a word that has only recently taken a focal value, notably thanks to the change of Google algorithm to favor mobile devices. It is essential to understand the importance of the home page in designing a website and managing distribution channels.

M – Metric. Measurements go hand in hand with data and analysis. We will use them during interviews with employers and meetings with clients. Understanding the measures puts us in a position of strength.

N – Net linking. We will be repetitive, but we cannot stress enough how important it is to meet as many people as possible in any field.

O – Optimization. This is all we do to give our brand the greatest possible visibility in SERP (Search Engine Results Page). This includes keywords, content marketing, brand engagement and authenticity.

P – Passion. We are trying to enter one of the most sought after areas of the world of work. So we have to be passionate about what we do, devoting a lot of our time and resources to an industry that never rests.

Q- Question. Literally, this means questioning. And all of the users need to be analyzed, monitored and used in the best possible way, to understand what people really expect from us and what they expect.

R – Recipes. The recipes, which are our earnings. Put into practice all sales techniques to maximize the volume of revenue. Therefore, all of our marketing strategies and projects are useless if they do not offer a good return on investment.

S – Social media. Social media platforms have changed our world. What is popular ? What is falling ? We must always keep in mind current trends, and social channels.

T – T-shaped marketer This means understanding multiple and large areas of the digital marketing landscape, but specializing in one or two of the following skills

U – UX (user experience). Impressed by our conversion rate and the reliability of your brand. Both affect everything else. UX refers to how a user on our website finds what he is looking for and can interact with him.

V – VR. Virtual reality is a rapidly changing scene. Digital marketing experts will use it more and more over time. So it’s not a bad idea to start worrying about it if it hasn’t already been done.

W – Website. It represents the new store on the main street, so it is essential to devote time and effort to learn everything, from design and development to launching and analyzing results.

X – Factor X. We are in a competitive field, so we must have something that others do not have and that everyone will want from us. Let us focus on our strengths and optimize them.

Y – Youtube. If we can take advantage of the knowledge of the power that YouTube offers to our customers, we will be in a better position than many of our colleagues.

Z – ZZZ. Last but not least, it is the industry that never sleeps ! It is both a blessing and a curse when we work on it, because every day is different and exciting, but it is also relentless. We keep our brains awake.

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