How to master marketing email in 8 stages

Today, it is difficult for companies to do without marketing email to achieve their goals. This channel of communication with potential customers and promotion of services and products has revolutionized marketing. E-mail has the advantage of being fairly efficient and direct, but more flexible. Companies can thus test several strategies concerning marketing campaigns. Here are 8 steps to take to implement a good marketing email strategy.

1. Build a network of potential customers

Building a strong contact network should be your priority if you want to put in place an effective marketing strategy. Any new business must establish a list of value contacts that has as its focus, its services, products and services. Obviously, quality should be given priority over quantity. Click here to find out more. Identify these contacts who will potentially be interested in your business.

You are therefore more likely to conquer them by the emails you will send them. When a person makes the decision to register himself, you are keeping track of high potential.

2. Write a good copy of the marketing email

As you will see on, your marketing emails must impact customers for whom your brand is still unknown. That’s why you’ll really have to be careful with spelling and grammar. Choose the right tone for your messages, as you communicate around the image of your brand. It is therefore important to return something positive. Small businesses have a better idea of choosing a friendly and incentive tone.

Readers will then be able to identify the personality of your business through marketing emails. Pay attention to the text you are sending. There is no point in opting for subjects that may pass for spam. You would only win a one-way trip to the spam folder. Avoid words like:

  • “Win” ;
  • “Free” ;
  • “Silver”.

The same applies to the misuse of capital letters, or signs of punctuation. It would only ruin your beautiful marketing email strategy.

3. Do A / B tests

New businesses generally find it difficult to find a fully operational marketing style like here. This is why marketing email is an asset, because it allows you to test different ideas. You can continue until you find the formula that produces the expected result. Several marketing campaigns have thus been saved by carrying out A / B tests as for:

  • Changing the size of a logo or the background color;
  • Change of an object line or an introductory text;
  • Etc.

By having the two variants tested with your contact list, you will be able to determine what works best or not. Some do not hesitate to duplicate the master model, then make different versions for customer tests.

email marketing

4. Put a clear call to action in the marketing email

It is very important that readers know what you expect from them through your marketing email campaign. Several companies design amazing designs for their email, but it all stops there. This is useless, since you will not be able to reach full potential. Readers need to take the next step. In practice, you have the option of using an action call button.

Encourage customers to:

  • Visit your website ;
  • Download your software ;
  • Register on your social media pages;
  • Etc.

You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to methods of successfully creating this creation. Anyway, here are simple rules to follow in this direction:

  • Make sure the text is short and precise;
  • Use a dominant color in the drawing;
  • Choose a perfectly legible and fatty font;
  • Make sure all links are correct before sending the marketing email.

5. Work as a team

A company cannot be successful if cohesion does not reign between the different members of its team. It is very important that everyone share their opinions about marketing email campaigns. All members must therefore agree on the design chosen for the contents of the email. It’s the best way to reach the greatest number of people.

6. Focus on transactional emails

When it comes to sending emails to customers and consumers, the company should give much more priority to transactional emails. They include all kinds of emails such as order confirmation or shipping. Customers must find all the information they deem useful there. The processing of your transactional emails should be done with the same seriousness as for any other sales campaign.

This is your starting point for the operational level, so you will have to be clear and efficient. This is the best way to drive your strategy based on emailing marketing safely.

7. Support references and testimonies to conduct a marketing email campaign

A young company only knows success if first customers recommend it to others. You can only impose yourself by relying only on such force. Other customers can only be attracted by the recommendations of first customers. Marketing email can be a great way to encourage recommendations, and experience sharing. Your business services and products will become better known.

It is for this reason that multiple companies are establishing sponsorship programs. The goal is to push the client to make recommendations around him. In return, he can for example benefit from a nice discount.

8. Evaluate your performance to increase it

It is very important for a company to look for ways and means to improve. The use of tools like Google Analytics for this is highly recommended. This will allow you to measure the effectiveness of your business emails, and that of action call buttons. Comb through all the performances of your different links. All of this information will tell you about the content and design to adopt for the success of your marketing email campaigns.

So don’t hesitate to use Google Analytics to track down your links, assess their performance and increase them.

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