How to get to know my IP address?

With the development of New Information and Communication Technologies (NICT), the internet has spread like wildfire around the world. The devices connected to the internet all have an IP address that performs several functions. Here is a process to follow to know your IP address.

What is my IP for?

From the English Internet Protocol, which means internet protocol, the IP address is a kind of identity card for any device that is connected to the internet. This is a series of numbers that are separated by a point. Similar to a postal address, there are two types of IP address. On the one hand is the public IP address. It is the subject of the internet supplier who issues it when setting up the box. On the other hand, the private IP address that connects multiple devices to each other as well as multiple devices to the same box. The IP address allows on the one hand to identify digital devices. On the other hand, it is used to convey data and other information. As a result, the more digital devices we have, the more IP addresses we will have. Given its usefulness, it is essential to know how to locate its IP.

Use an internet tool to access the IP

To access its IP address, there are several means that can be used. From this batch stands out the use of an internet tool. Indeed, it is enough to use among other things a PHP script and a tool used for geographic location. Following a search, the tool used searches its database to bring out the coordinates and other information related to the requested address. In addition, locating an IP therefore amounts to locating the related device at the same timeIn addition, there are a plethora of sites capable of helping to locate its IP. These are tools that are used for geo-location. We can cite among others: Maxmind, IPStack, IPLocalization, Geolocalise-IP, My public IP, Trace my IP and many others. You can also consult My ip address to locate or know your IP.

Use the Windows device

Windows which means window, is a system which one uses to explore. It is software that is in principle intended for computers. However, it should be noted as a priority that Windows software exists in several versions like Windows 7 and Windows 10. Among the opportunities it offers is therefore the location of IP address. To do this, several steps must be taken. To get out of version 7, you must first, after accessing the configuration panel, type network card, network center and then click on display network connections respectively. Then you have to choose an active network connection and click Show the status of this connection. Finally, just click on Details. At this level, the IP address is legible in the Value column and faces the IPv4 Address line.

The IP address is given the preponderance of digital devices, a commodity of primary importance. Therefore, knowing how to locate it, whatever the means, is an asset that deserves to be available.

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