How to create a meme?

If you’ve been on the web long enough, you’ve probably seen memes on one social network or another. They are like internal jokes from the Internet.

According to the dictionary, a meme is described as “”. Generally in the form of an image with bold text (or sometimes a GIF), they represent comically typical scenarios of daily life.

There is a meme for everything, and hundreds are created every day. At first you had to have software (Photoshop type) to create a meme, but today there are a plethora of online sites that allow you to create your own meme in a few minutes. Here is a list of these tools.

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Same Generator

One of the most popular tools for creating memes, and perhaps the first of its kind, MemeGenerator is an online meme generator that you can use when you want to add legends to your images. You can view the most popular images to create your memes.

Just click on an image, or you can choose to go to the “creaty” menu to start a meme with your own image.


You want to create a meme from images that are already popular memes ? You can do it with DIYLOL .

Just choose a preexisting image and add your text up and down: you can adjust the color and size of the font for your text, in a very simple way. You can finally download the image and share it with the world.


Canva stands out from other sites by going much further and offers models created by professionals that you can use for your memes. Over a million “stock” photos are available to you. This is a much larger selection than that of other sites.

Of course, you can also download your own image, add text and then create the meme. It is a very comprehensive tool, used mainly by Community Managers and other communication professionals.

Same Center

Meme Center has 4 different modes, “quick even”, “same builder”, “GIF maker”, and “uploader”. It is also supplied with many models of popular memes, which allows you to quickly generate a meme from them.

Meme Center is not necessarily intended for lay people, it has advanced functions and requests the execution of flash, which seems slightly obsolete… In addition, you must open an account to be able to create memes.


iLoveIMG is one of the easiest sites to use if you want to create a meme. The home page allows you to download an image or select a meme template to start with.

Text boxes are already present, just click on them to add your text. A menu then opens and allows you to style your text. If you want to add additional lines of text, you can also do so.

It is even possible to add an image over another image to combine several memes.

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Make even

Make a Meme immediately welcomes you with the images of the most memes. You can click on one of these images, and you get a simple interface that asks you for the top text, the bottom text and your custom title. Click on “make ame” and your image is ready.

You can even upload your own image and add text to it in the same way. You also have the option of previewing your memes before creating them, and changing the font or color, through the opening of an account.

Quick Meme

Quickmeme is an online tool for creating memes for all those who want a simple and unadorned experience. You can see the featured memes, which show you the most popular of the moment.

To create a meme, you just have to go to “upload a funny” to start from scratchIf you want to select an already viral photo and add your own text, you can do so using the “caption ame” option.

Adobe Spark

The youngest comes from Adobe, which is not outdone and launched an online tool to create visuals specially designed for social media. Models are proposed to add text to your photos or to style them easily (with filters for example). You have a choice: go further by personalizing the contents, or quickly generate an impactful visual.

Like Canva, Adobe Spark is mainly intended for communication professionals, but for once Adobe offers free software …

These are many tools to create your personalized memes. We could add the famous Imgur to this list, however its meme generator was no longer functional at the time of writing this article.

The use of memes is an art … To avoid flop, call on the services of a community manager freelance.

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