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How to test the internet connection speed?

You wonder what is the actual flow of your internet connection ? Measure and analyze the speed of your ADSL or fiber connection using the Ariase flow test. This internet speed test calculates the flow rates of your line in reception, in emission and thus assesses the speed of transfer of your connection at a time T .

How to know the maximum internet speed at home ?

To find out what is the maximum speed of your internet connection, it is necessary to test the eligibility of your home. By simply indicating your address, you will immediately know the best theoretical flow at home offered by SFR, Bouygues Telecom, Free, Orange….

Test your accommodation


  • Why perform the flow test ?

    Your internet connection is slow or you just want to know what your actual connection speed is ? The debit test available on the Ariase site allows you to immediately measure the speed of your internet connection to the home. This speed test works regardless of the technology used for your internet connection, namely ADSL, optical fiber, cable or 4G. The higher your measured flow, the more efficient your internet connection. It is the speed of your bandwidth that determines how long it will take you to download and send data over the Internet.

  • To test your bandwidth, you do not need specific equipment, you just need to click the “Launch the flow test” button. Note that the flow test requires you to authorize or not your geolocation. This request allows us to check the consistency of the speed test results with the theoretical flow rates provided by the operators. By accepting geolocation, you are helping us to improve the quality of our services.

  • How to optimize the flow test ?

    In order to perform the flow test under the best conditions, and to obtain an accurate measurement of your connection speed, here are some tips to follow:

    1 / Stop downloads in progress on all your connected equipment,

    2 / Turn off your TV decoder,

    3 / Prefer a wired connection between your computer and the box (via an Ethernet cable rather than Wi-Fi),

    4 / Close all the tabs on your internet browser (except that of the speedtest !).

  • To find out what is the maximum theoretical speed of your connection, it is necessary to test the internet eligibility of your accommodation. By simply indicating your address, you obtain the list of all internet offers available at home with the theoretical flow of each access provider.

  • What does the rising flow and the downward flow mean ?

    The downward flow also called reception flow (or download in English) corresponds to the download speedConcretely, these are data flows that arrive from the web to your computer (downloading web pages, files …) The rising flow also called sending flow (or upload) relates to the speed of transfer of your devices to the internet network (photo sharing, sending of e-mails .)… The higher the test results indicate high flow rates, the faster your internet connection at home.

  • A speed between 1 and 3 Mb / s is considered to be slow (low flow) A speed between 3 and 8 Mb / s is qualified as “medium flow”. In 2019, the value of 8 Mb / s corresponds to the threshold of a “high flow” connection. It takes a speed of at least 30 Mb / s to qualify a “very high speed” internet connection.

  • The speed of an optical fiber internet connection is currently between 100 Mb / s and 8 Gb / s for download, and between 100 and 700 Mb / s for transfer (upload). The ADSL / VDSL flow is slower with a speed between 1 and 95 Mb / s for download and between 1 and 30 Mb / s for transfer. For more information, read our file on the internet debit.

  • What are Megabits ?

    When we talk about Megabits, this corresponds to the unit of measurement for your internet flow. More precisely, one megabit per second corresponds to a volume of data transmitted in a second. One megabit (Mbit) corresponds to 1000 Kilobits. Be careful not to mix the “bits” and the “bytes” ! The byte is another computer measurement unit made up of 8 bits. A high speed connection with the high-performance ADSL thus allows you to download up to 20 Mbit / s, which therefore corresponds to 2.5 MB per second. Although the two are linked, we speak rather in Megabits per second to measure the flow, and more in MegaOctets to quantify a volume of data.

  • What is latency ?

    Latency is the time between the departure of information from your computer and its arrival on a web server, so this is the reaction speed of your internet connection. So the lower the response time, the more your connection is reactive and therefore efficient. Conversely, if the latency time is high, this can lead to a mismatch between the actions you perform and their display on the screen. Latency also called ping has an impact on online games or videoconferences.

  • How a speed test works ?

    A speedtest calculates in seconds the flow of your bandwidth regardless of your type of connection ADSL, VDSL2, optical fiber, cable, satellite or radio. This flow test available on the Ariase site allows you to measure the speed of your connection from an nPerf server. In France, nPerf has 22 servers totaling more than 200 Gb / s of bandwidth. Download is measured by downloading a file for 10 seconds, and vice versa to calculate the upload. This speed test also calculates the latency time between your computer and the server.

    Good to know: You can get different results based on tests. Indeed, the debits of your internet connection vary constantly. Several factors can also influence the results of a flow test such as your own connection, the flow rates of which vary continuously, the time of day, the number of users connected to your operator’s network, or the performance and location. geographic location of the speedtest server.

  • What influences the flow of your connection ?

    The various Internet service providers on the market always communicate on packages up to XX Mbit / s, taking the maximum theoretical value available on their networks. However, this does not mean that your internet connection at home is so fast ! The performance of your internet connection at home depends on several factors:

    – the technical eligibility of your home (distance from the telephone exchange, level of equipment of the connection node …),

    – your computer equipment (PC, modem),

    – your local network (Wifi, CPL, RJ45 cables …),

    – the quality of service of your operator (bridging, overloads, interconnections…).

  • How to improve its internet flow ?

    Several solutions are available to you to improve your internet speed at home. First of all to boost your speed, you must limit as much as possible the uses connected simultaneously which slow down your connection. Indeed, a shared connection with many devices divides the bandwidth of the latter. Another good practice to adopt to improve its flow, it is necessary to favor the connections via an Ethernet cable rather than the Wi-Fi network which generates more losses during transmission.

    And if you cannot connect your wired equipment, then you can change the Wifi channel on your box. Concretely, a Wifi modem uses a channel to broadcast its signal. However, if a significant number of users in your sector are on the same channel, this negatively impacts your internet debit. You can therefore change this channel for a less congested frequency. To make a change of Wifi channel, go directly to the configuration panel of your internet box or contact your operator’s customer service.

    Also think from time to time to reset your box so that it performs its updates correctly. An internet box that is not updated regularly can also cause loss of speed on your internet connection To reset your internet modem, you just need to turn it off and turn it back on a few seconds later.

    And finally, to improve your internet speed, you can also consider a change of internet provider. Take an eligibility test to obtain the list of internet box offers accessible in your home. Another operator can offer you a higher flow You may also be eligible for faster technology from another service provider such as fiber optic.

  • Now essential in our daily life, having an efficient internet connection at home is essential. The higher your flow, the faster your uses on the web will be. Discover our comparison of download times according to internet connection speeds:

Your connection is slow and you are not satisfied with your access provider ? Take advantage of promotions on Internet Boxes to change operators.

Take an eligibility test to find out which ADSL or fiber offers are available at home and what the maximum theoretical flow of your connection will be.

Read our dedicated file to understand the causes of slowness of Internet connections and solutions to improve flow.